Only a few of us choose to think about others before thinking about ourselves and are committed to bringing social justice in the lives of people, who are impacted by social disadvantages. Not all such brave hearts get recognition in society. However, this does not deter them from doing their bit.

Unsungs is a website that tells about the stories of many such unsung heroes who are dedicated and passionate about serving others and who toil heroically in their own quiet way to bring sunshine to the lives of people.

What We Do


At Unsungs, we cover NGOs and social enterprises, individuals and people from history who made a real difference to the society and are yet not recognized. In today’s world where we see depressing events and activities happening all over around us, where, just a glance at the morning paper makes us sad. News on news channels on television discusses only war, conflict, violence, and crime. We come to believe that this is the dominant reality of the time.


However, believe it or not we are living in the most peaceful times of the human history. Positive stories of unsung heroes, change makers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and green warriors can uplift your spirits where negativity can harm us. We believe in positive feelings and focus primarily on the best things that are being done in society by many good people in this world.


If you dig deeper, you will find that we are actually surrounded by valiant, unsung, little-known people toiling away at their chosen talent, vocation or social cause.  They may not be the best in the world at what they do but each one of these unsung heroes is doing their bit to chip away at human misery and make the world a better place to live in.  And yet, their story remains confined to their closely knit circle.


Unsungs aims to tell the world the tales of these brave human beings. It is a portal that will expose the good work of unsung heroes to society at large and spawn discussion about their inspiring activities.  It is our hope that this will spur more people to follow their lead and give rise to many more heroes in our society.

The A-Team


Praveen Kuruganti

CEO & Co-Founder

Srikanth Mathad


Milind M


Our Writers


Supriya Melacheruvu


Supriya is a finance post graduate and works for a corporate firm now. She is very interested in writing and reading books extensively. She is a very active Toastmaster and just started her journey in content writing. She is a person of her own and never leaves an opportunity to pursue what she is passionate about.


Minakshi Mathur

Senior Writer

Minakshi is an accomplished writer and social researcher with an extensive experience in the field of Technical and Content writing. She is a spiritual person and a social worker herself and does her bit to help others and bring smile on the faces of others. She follows Shiv Yog and Art of Living.


Srinivas Deshpande


Srinivas is an engineering graduate and works for a reputed bank as consultant specialist. He is an avid reader and writes what he calls scrap poetry (his wife begs to differ). He is a self proclaimed biggest fan of Charles Bukowski on earth, but possessing too much ego for a glorified descendant of a single cell’ed organism.