Measure your Plastic Consumption and respect these unsung heroes

On an average each Indian consumes 11 kg of plastic every year. Have you ever wondered where this plastic goes?


Salute the ragpicker!  These unsung heroes ensure that recyclable material reaches the recycling factories. They dig inside dump yards and extract the recyclable plastic for a pittance. This is an unorganised sector and they are exploited to the hilt by everyone.

This is how we treat the warriors without whom our environment, roads, fields and drainage systems would have been far worse off. It’s time we got our act together and reduced our consumption of plastic.

  • Take your plastic directly to the rag picker.
  • Keep your dry and wet waste separate, engage with your local civic body to ensure they are dumped separately.
  • Stop buying bottled water, carry your bottle.
  • Shop with your own bag.