PHIN – An organisation that provides free education to 116 deaf and mute students

Nothing is easy until it’s done. This is a real story of those who have done it exceptional conviction and courage. This is the story of People with hearing impairment network (PHIN), an organization that provides free education to 116 deaf and dumb students.

The children are treated as normal children and the teaching is done through
the aid of both speech and sign language.

A majority of these students are either from poor village families whose parents most of the times are daily wage labourers who work hard to make ends meet or are orphans. They are receiving residential free education from 1 st to 7 th class at PHIN which was established in 2007 with 6 orphans.

“This school is an example of how the disabled could change the world if they decide to raise their voice and help each other. That is the model of this school. It has been awarded once at the national level, twice at the state level, won the Helen keller award and has been awarded as an institution that is been run by a woman leader who is also deaf and dumb, Ms.Janaki ” says Mr.Balakrishna who is the secretary and one of the board members.

People with Hearing Impaired Network-PHIN

The children are treated like normal children and the teaching is done through the aid of both speech and sign language. All the teachers are specially trained not only to impart academics but also to give vocational training in tailoring, paper craft, etc.

PHIN is funded by individual donors who always the organizers back. Also, the CSR initiatives of few reputed companies also help a lot.  They seek some govt support or grant which would help them take it to the next level.

The future holds a lot of potential. PHIN aims to extend the classes till the tenth standard. And, they are also finding accommodation difficult. Also, aim to be digitally equipped to teach better. They also call for volunteers for helping with documentation, speech therapy, and other vocational training activities.

Ms.Saraswati, the principal emphasizes on the importance of raising awareness among parents about such schools. She also tells us how happy these kids parents are to have them joined here. At PHIN, it is indeed a silence full of sound that is creating magic.