Best investment on children is to give them the best education – Valmiki Foundation

Not all of us can do great things. But, we can do small things with great love. – Mother Teresa

The Valmiki Foundation lives with this thought as its guiding principle. The foundation was started in 2008 by Surya Ganesh Valmiki and Raju Valmiki with 4 orphans. It works to educate, empower and uplift the orphans and children from marginalized families. Today it is a family of 45 children whose education, food and shelter are taken care of.

“Valmiki Hruday” is a home for destitute children aged between 5-11 years. They send all the 45 children to English medium private schools. Because, in the words of Valmiki Harikishan, the Project Director and General Secretary of Valmiki Foundation, “The best investment on these children is to give them the best education. We do not compromise on the quality of education at any cost.”

Valmiki Foundation is the brainchild of the valmiki brothers who have founded this with a powerful desire and will to give back something to orphans. This intention saw its beginning because of their father who was an orphan by destiny and with the help of a kind human being worked hard and became a doctor. Their story is beyond inspiration.

The Mission of Valmiki Foundation is to build “Valmiki Gurukul” by 2025 at least which will offer residential education in the traditional gurukul style with modern technology to bridge the gaps to 500 orphan children. They aim to bring a smile on one lakh children for which they go to rural areas and then research and distribute the requirements accordingly with the help of 40-50 volunteers.

They are also working on two other projects. Project “Wings of Hope” which aims to give an opportunity to 300 such kids to travel by a plane supported by the Truejet Airlines and Prathusha NGO. The project has already begun with 100 kids successfully flying. And, project “EggBank” which was started to provide one egg per day per child to help in their nourishment.

They are looking forward towards help regarding transport facility to send these kids to different schools. Also, they do not have a bungalow to make a home for these kids. There is a space constraint in the rented bungalow which they stay currently in. They use social media to a great extent to raise awareness and funds. However, they seek support either in form of cash or kind to create a better future for these kids

This passion is the lifeline of Valmiki Foundation which is becoming a ray of hope for these destitute children.  It is creating an impact that will shape not just the future of some children but the society as a whole.