Making the city an ideal extended family for every girl in Hyderabad – Life of Girl

The social enterprise “Life of Girl” was started by a few engineering students in 2012 when the Nirbhaya incident happened and is working hard to make Hyderabad a safest city for girls. The enterprise is trying to make the city an ideal extended family for every girl in Hyderabad. It is doing that by creating a platform for people who want to help the victims/girls in problem even before the police reach the site to help.


The Help Strategy

As per the enterprise, there is always a time gap when help is requested and the help is actually received. This time gap is very crucial for a girl because the girl will not have that much of time. For example, if a girl needs help in five minutes but police need 25 minutes to reach then it will be too late. As per the enterprise, the immediate help is possible only by the people in the neighborhood, as “…in the vicinity of the victim itself there are so many people who have the potential and who are ready to help”.


The only thing required is to pass the information about the girl and her location to such people. The enterprise created an application in 2012 to pass such information. However, that time that attempt was not very successful and now after working on the same project for around six years, the enterprise has found out a sustainable solution with technology and people with potential with a new and updated application that need to be installed by people who want to take help and give help including police personnel who are also onboard for the credibility.


Talking about the challenges in their mission the head of the enterprise said that it is very important to identify the severity of help required.  The help needed may range from an attempt to murder to a small theft. It can also be a fake call.


Depending on the severity of help required, the enterprise needs to decide the people who can help. Also, they need to identify a fake call because they cannot waste the time of their volunteers. They can do this with the use of CCTV cameras in the area, drones, and people around the area.


Another challenge is to train the volunteers about the different actions they can take legally to provide help. This includes the use of safe weapons and taking photographs as evidence.


The enterprise is working on creating the entire city an ideal family where every member of the family is ready to help and can depend on each other. For this, the enterprise is partnering with many different NGOs so that a network of volunteers can be created in different parts of the city. Right now the enterprise has five zones in Hyderabad and a head team. The enterprise has seven thousand volunteers currently working for it and it targets to have 15 thousand volunteers.


The volunteers associated with the enterprise Life of Girl, not only help girls in need but also visit various schools and colleges in Hyderabad and train women between 16-23 years about cybersecurity and self-defense.

Business Model

Discussing their business and revenue generation the enterprise head said that the basic security services they are providing are free for all. However, they may generate revenue by selling security products such as smart watches, rings, bracelets and other gadgets with fitted security devices online through an e-commerce website.


In addition, they are planning to provide luxury security services to people who need them. For example, if someone is traveling to an unknown place and wants to know about the safest route and safest mode of travel then they may need to pay for it.


Talking about the compensation to the volunteers, the head of Life of Girl said that they cannot give salary to everybody but the efforts of the volunteers will be fully recognized by tracking the help efforts and adding points to the volunteer’s accounts which can be used to have a free cab ride or a free flight ticket etc. Also, the best volunteer can be awarded in big events where celebrities come and have a media team.


The enterprise’s vision is to make Hyderabad and India the safest city and the safest country in ten years from now. They want to see the people of the country to help each other and to help is not a choice but a duty. As per the head of the enterprise, more than 60% of the crimes happen because no one wants to step forward. Once everybody will help everybody else the crime rate will reduce substantially.